Follow this tutorial to get your work environment set up to use the Flash Develop IDE with Axel. Flash develop is a free, yet powerful IDE for creating flash games.
Follow this tutorial as an alternative to the previous one to set up your work environment to use the Flash Builder IDE. Flash Builder is an extremely powerful IDE built on top of Eclipse, that is available from Adobe. However, unlike Flash Develop, Flash Builder is not free.
This tutorial will walk you from start to finish in creating a basic game using Axel. You'll learn allabout sprites, tilemaps, collision, overlaps, input, sound, and text. This is the logical starting place to jump into making a game with Axel.
In this game tutorial you will create a simple platformer complete with enemies and particle effects. You'll learn most the basics of Axel including states, tilemaps, sprites, input, collision, and the particle system.
In this game tutorial you will create a simple space shoot-em-up game. Much like Axelite Red, this is a standalone game tutorial that will teach you all the basics. However, you'll learn to do things slightly differently. Topics covered include states, sprites, input, text, collision, object recycling, and the particle system.