Version 0.9.2 Released!

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Version 0.9.2 Released!

Postby Arkeus » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:34 pm

Version 0.9.2 has been released and you can download it now. The tutorials are not updated with these changes, but the API changes in them should be minimal.

Please let me know if you experience any issues in upgrading, or you find a bug. Thanks!

Changelog is below:

  • You can now dynamically change tiles in a tilemap dynamically via AxTilemap.setTileAt()
  • You can now remove a tile in a tilemap via AxTilemap.removeTileAt()
  • You can now get the AxTile at a map coordinate using AxTilemap.getTileAt(x, y)
  • You can similar get the tile via pixel coordinates using AxTilemap.getTileAtPixelCoordinates(x, y)
  • The index property of AxTiles is now public
  • AxTilemap.tile() has been renamed AxTilemap.getTile()
  • AxTilemap.tiles() has been renamed AxTilemap.getTiles()
  • Tilemaps are now affected by scale (but scale will not affect collision/overlap, it is only for drawing)
  •'s private properties are now protected, for easier extending
  • Flipping sprites should now flip the graphic correctly, regardless of offsets
  • Zooming should now display consistently at zoom levels greater than 1
  • Zooming is now required to be at integer levels
  • You can now enable/disable a fixed timestep using Ax.fixedTimestep
  • You can access the size of the visible viewport via Ax.viewWidth and Ax.viewHeight
  • Drawing is now aligned on pixel levels, pre-zooming
  • Overlapping between sprites, groups, and clouds should work correctly, but Ax.overlap is still the preferred method
  • Hovering should work correctly on AxButtons that set their scroll factor to something other than 1 now
  • Button labels will now inherit the scroll factor of the button they are on
  • A bug has been fixed in AxGrid that prevented multiple sprites from overlapping in the same frame
  • Fixed a bug in AxColor when dealing with opaque colors that caused issues with the alpha
  • Shaders will no longer be changed for each object if it uses the same shader to improve performance
  • Added some minor error checking for parameters
  • Removed certain book spoilers from comments
  • Fixed erroneous comments
  • AxSprite's dispose will now call its parent
  • Fix crash when not putting a label on an AxButton (via rogerbraun)
  • Don't ignore requested width and height (via rogerbraun)
  • Don't draw a sprite if scale is set to zero (via rogerbraun)
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