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Postby EMebane » Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:55 pm

Flixel started without fixed-framerate time stepping. In the most recent version it was updated to use fixed-framerate time stepping. Last time I checked FlashPunk offered the option of fixed-framerate or otherwise.

It looks like AXEL doesn't include fixed-framerate updating. The update call is dispatched once per ENTER_FRAME onEnterFrame method (line 455)

It's a good feature to include, giving developers consistent performance across various playback environments. Although it can look _juddery_ if the performance is slower than the specified framerate (which results in multiple update dispatches for a single draw call), it ensures that the apps work consistently in all environments. Some people prefer the smoother playback of non-fixed-framerate playback when playback consistency isn't a priority. Fixed-framerate also gives recording and replay ability, but that's less important.

Out of curiosity, what version of Flixel was Axel based on?
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Re: Fixed-Framerate

Postby Arkeus » Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:32 pm

I agree, it's something that should be added.

I think it was "based" on version 2.55. However, it wasn't a port or anything, it's a completely new engine, heavily influenced by flixel (in particular, the entity and grouping system), which is why the feature set doesn't match up completely.
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