More advanced collision code for Axel

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More advanced collision code for Axel

Postby eatjason » Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:21 am

I am curious if anyone would like to see a more advanced collision/physics system for Axel. I have played with Flixels collision code, and am under the impression that Axel uses similar code, and what you can do with it out of the box is rather limited (which is understandable, it has taken me years to nail down something that works well for a large degree of circumstances).

For some examples, if I want multiple moving platforms, and even moving platforms made out of tilemaps themselves for SNES and NES like crushing walls & ceilings. Also for arbitrarily fast moving objects that know what feature of an object is hit first (for example implementing a shield that is placed in front of the player to stop fast projectiles)

I have an engine I have been working on that is a cross between Box2d and a more simple system like flixel/axel uses. It is good for when Box2d is a bit overkill, but you need a more stable solution for a more dynamic world. (try making a Box2d side scroller with destructable tiles without the bumping in between tiles)

Here are some demos of the engine in action. There is only one major change I want to make, and that is to have a more nested system so you can have sub-objects move relative to a player or other object. Notice the Boat in some of the demos is a seperate tilemap that can move freely to get a fun boat effect. You could even make the boat driveable if you wanted.
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