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Button status

Postby wgfunstorm » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:31 am

I see that I can check if a button is in hover state using AxButton.hover(), but it would be nice if the current button status was saved easily accessible so I don't have to keep recalculating it. Basically I want FlxButton.status.

All my games so far have had buttons that overlap the play area. Typically I want to do something when the player clicks the environment (eg move the player), unless they clicked a button. So I usually just have a group of buttons that I loop through and check if any of their status == FlxButton.HOVER. And if it is, then I know not to move the player. Re-calculating it for each button using AxButton.hover() seems unnecessary.

Anyways, I added it to my local copy of Axel but I think it would be a nice quick/easy/convenient addition.
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