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Postby tharo » Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:24 am

So hey.
After some months of work I decided to open a smal thread about what I'm working on: 95.
It will be a 90's styled RPG game with a big Multiplayer component based on an as-flexible-as-possible game core.

Theres a Blog at http://ninetyfive-trys.blogspot.de.

Even thought in the later development states all focus will rely on game elements (Leveling, Classes and so on) and on the server component, its almost just AxGL for the moment. We did some extends on the original AxGL in order to not just have GPU features but also using them. So we took care about stuff like drawing primitives, lightning, gloom, extended animations and so on.

Just everything that it needed to create something that looks great.
The Network component is splitted in half atm. Non critical Maps and Tiles can and will be loaded via HTTP. The realtime network component is based on the PlayerIO implementation. Even thought (smal echo) server we did is entirely written in Java.

So yeah. This is it.

On the end a smal screenshot with bump mapping. Even thought, its not thaaat amazing as it looks "live".
The code for bumpmaped sprites will be released as soon I found a nice (better) way to insert it into the gears of AxGL.

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