Version 0.9.4 (Beta) Branch

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Re: Version 0.9.4 (Beta) Branch

Post by Arkeus » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:45 pm

Current list of changes (including backwards incompatible ones):

## 0.9.4 r2 wrote:* The org.axgl package has been replaced with io.axel
* State logic is now contained in AxStateStack. Interaction with states is done through Ax.states.push, Ax.states.pop, etc
* Animation logic is now contained in AxAnimationSet. animation() and show() still exist but addAnimation() is now animations.add()
* Sprite effect logic is now contained in AxSpriteEffectSet, and the APIs should be called from sprite.effect.X rather than sprite.X
* and Ax.sound have been renamed Ax.playMusic and Ax.playSound
* Calculation of line width using variable width fonts are now more accurate, causing better alignment when using 'center' or 'right'
* Generation of bitmap fonts now correctly takes into account the separator row at the top and ignores it for positioning
* Bitmap fonts no longer assume a separating column between glyphs, but simply require a separator pixel in the upper right of each glyphs
* Base classes have been moved into a new base package
* AxGrid has been renamed AxGridCollider
* AxCollisionGroup has been renamed AxGroupCollider
* Timer logic is now contained in AxTimerSet. Interaction with timers is done through sprite.timers.add, sprite.timers.clear, etc
* Vectors can be checked if they are zero via vector.isZero() or set to zero with

Version 0.9.4 (Beta) Branch

Post by Arkeus » Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:21 pm

Topic made for changes to 0.9.4.

This version will likely have many backwards-incompatible changes. Nothing too hard to mass-fix (function renames, etc). Also texts will be fixed to be more inline with what was originally wanted (currently, for example, fonts built from variable sized bitmaps are all 1 pixel below where they should be, have 1px of extra padding between them).