Earthen Terror
Created for Ludum Dare 29 in under 48 hours
Click To Focus (No Preloader, Sorry)
Runs terribly in Chrome's Pepper Flash. Recommend disabling it or using Firefox. Requires stage3d support in your OS and browser to run well.

Arrows - Move Cursor
Space, Z, W - Confirm, Swap Tiles
X - Cast Spell
Shift, C - Speed Up
You can mute sounds and music from the title screen using M and S.

Quick Guide
Swap tiles to match 3 or more in a row. Dirt tiles give nothing, elemental tiles will deal damage to the nearest enemy, or provide mana for powerful spells if no enemies are on screen. Once your mana bar for a spell fills up, press X to open the spell menu, and choose the spell. Enemies will lock blocks preventing you from swapping them, so clear them before they do too much damage to the board! In goal mode you must clear the specified number of enemies, while in endless mode you survive as long as possible. You must be goal mode for a digsite to unlock endless mode. You lose if the tiles reach the top of the screen.