Ax The general game class that your base class should extends.
 AxButton A simple button class.
 AxCloud AxCloud is a group that allows you to draw many sprites that use the same texture efficiently.
 AxEntity A basic game entity.
 AxGroup AxGroup is the basic container object.
 AxModel An AxModel is an entity that is expected to be drawn on the scene.
 AxPoint Stores the x and y values of a 2 dimensional point as numbers.
 AxRect Stores the x and y values, along with the width and height, of a rectangle object.
 AxSprite An AxSprite is the entity that makes up most game objects.
 AxState A class representing a game state.
 AxU The Ax Utility class, containing various utility functions to make your life easier.
 AxVector A generic vector class consisting of an "x" component, "y" component, and "a" component.