Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

org.axgl The general game class that your base class should extends.
org.axgl.util A class representing a sprite's animation.
org.axgl.render A class describing a blend mode by declaring both the source and destination modes.
org.axgl A simple button class.
 AxCamera The basic camera that determines what is visible on the screen.
 AxCameraEffect A class containing the common logic between camera effects.
 AxCameraFadeEffect A camera fade effect.
 AxCameraShakeEffect A general shake effect, to the shake the entire screen for some duration.
org.axgl.text A class representing the needed variables for each character in an AxFont, including the size of the character, and the location of the character in the texture.
org.axgl AxCloud is a group that allows you to draw many sprites that use the same texture efficiently.
org.axgl.collision An exponential implemention of a collision group.
org.axgl.collision A collision group that defines how two AxEntities should collide.
org.axgl.render A class describing the red, green, blue, and alpha components of a color.
org.axgl.util.debug A debug console that contains all the log messages on screen.
org.axgl.util.debug Base class for debug layouts.
org.axgl A basic game entity.
org.axgl.text A font object representing a font in your game.
org.axgl.collision A spacial hashing implementation of a collision group.
org.axgl AxGroup is the basic container object.
org.axgl.input A generic input class containing general actions used by input devices such as the keyboard and mouse.
org.axgl.input All the constants you can use for checking keyboard events.
org.axgl.input The keyboard object allowing you access to check which keys are being used.
org.axgl An AxModel is an entity that is expected to be drawn on the scene.
org.axgl.input The mouse object used to test for input, and track the location of the pointer.
org.axgl.input All the constants you can use for checking mouse input.
org.axgl.sound A special instance of an AxSound, which by default will loop.
org.axgl.particle A drawable cloud of particles.
org.axgl.particle A class representing a particle effect.
org.axgl.particle A generic particle system to keep track of your particle effects, and allow you to create your effects from anywhere within the game.
org.axgl.tilemap A class to represent a path through a tilemap.
org.axgl.util The default pause state.
org.axgl Stores the x and y values of a 2 dimensional point as numbers.
org.axgl.util A utility class to allow you to quickly profile some code to see how long it takes to run.
org.axgl.render Describes the properties of an axis-aligned quad used for drawing a sprite.
org.axgl.util A utility class to represent a range between two numbers.
org.axgl Stores the x and y values, along with the width and height, of a rectangle object.
org.axgl.resource Resources used internally within the Axel library.
org.axgl.render A descriptor holding the information required for rendering, including the vertex shader, the fragment shader, and the size of each row in the vertex buffer.
org.axgl.sound A sound object.
org.axgl An AxSprite is the entity that makes up most game objects.
org.axgl.effect.sprite A general class for holding common logic between sprite effects.
org.axgl A class representing a game state.
org.axgl.text Creates text for display on the screen using the given AxFont.
org.axgl.text A structure containing information for how to limit the number of lines in an AxText.
org.axgl.text A class representing a line of text.
org.axgl.render A descriptor holding the required information for a texture uploaded to the GPU.
org.axgl.tilemap A class describing a single tile in a tilemap.
org.axgl.tilemap A tilemap class representing a set of tiles.
org.axgl.tilemap A structure that holds information about a single segment within an AxTilemap.
org.axgl.util Timers are repeatable functions that can be bound to any AxEntity.
org.axgl The Ax Utility class, containing various utility functions to make your life easier.
org.axgl A generic vector class consisting of an "x" component, "y" component, and "a" component.