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a — Property, class org.axgl.AxVector
The angular component of the vector.
A — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.input.AxKey
abs(n:Number) — Static Method , class org.axgl.AxU
Returns the absolute value of the passed number.
acceleration — Property, class org.axgl.AxEntity
The acceleration of this object.
actions — Property, class org.axgl.AxCloud
The actions that this AxCloud should take.
active — Property, class org.axgl.AxEntity
Determines whether or not this entity should be updated.
active — Property, class org.axgl.camera.effect.AxCameraEffect
Whether or not this effect is currently active.
active — Property, class org.axgl.effect.sprite.AxSpriteEffect
Whether or not this sprite effect is active.
active — Property, class org.axgl.util.AxTimer
activeMembers — Property, class org.axgl.AxCloud
The number of non-destroyed members of this cloud.
add(entity:org.axgl:AxSprite, linkParent:Boolean, prepend:Boolean) — method, class org.axgl.AxCloud
Adds a new entity to this cloud.
add(entity:org.axgl:AxEntity, linkParent:Boolean, inheritScroll:Boolean) — method, class org.axgl.AxGroup
Adds a new entity to this group.
ADD — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.render.AxBlendMode
addAll(object:org.axgl:AxEntity, group:Vector$org.axgl:AxEntity) — method, class org.axgl.collision.AxCollisionGroup
Adds all entities and subentities of the passed object to the passed group.
addAnimation(name:String, frames:Array, framerate:uint, looped:Boolean, callback:Function) — method, class org.axgl.AxSprite
Adds a new animation to this sprite.
addEffect(effect:org.axgl.effect.sprite:AxSpriteEffect) — method, class org.axgl.AxSprite
Manually adds an effect to this sprites effect list.
addTimer(delay:Number, callback:Function, repeat:uint, start:Number) — method, class org.axgl.AxEntity
Timers are repeatable functions that can be bound to any AxEntity.
agalcode — Property, class com.adobe.utils.AGALMiniAssembler
AGALMiniAssembler — class, package com.adobe.utils
AGALMiniAssembler(debugging:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.adobe.utils.AGALMiniAssembler
align — Property, class org.axgl.text.AxText
The alignment to draw the string with, either "left", "right", or "center".
alive — Property, class org.axgl.util.AxTimer
ALL — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.AxCloud
A helper flag equivalent to setting all the flags to true.
alpha — Property, class org.axgl.AxEntity
Gets the opacity value of this entity.
alpha — Property, class org.axgl.AxModel
Gets the opacity value of this model.
alpha — Property, class org.axgl.render.AxColor
The alpha component, between 0 and 1.
ALPHA — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.AxModel
Constant defining the alpha offset into the colorTransform matrix.
alphabet — Property, class org.axgl.text.AxFont
The alphabet used by the font, indicating all the glyphs present on the glyph sheet.
ALT — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.input.AxKey
amount — Property, class org.axgl.particle.AxParticleEffect
The amount of particles to emit each time you emit this particle effect.
angle — Property, class org.axgl.AxEntity
The current rotation, in degrees, of how the entity will be drawn.
animate(name:String, reset:Boolean) — method, class org.axgl.AxSprite
Tells this sprite to immediately start playing the animation that you passed.
ANIMATE — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.AxCloud
When actions has the ANIMATE flag set, every frame the animations of the members will be updated.
animation — Property, class org.axgl.AxSprite
The current animation this sprite is playing.
animationDelay — Property, class org.axgl.AxSprite
animations — Property, class org.axgl.AxSprite
All registered animations of this sprite.
animationTimer — Property, class org.axgl.AxSprite
ANY — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.AxEntity
Constant value meaning all directions.
ANY — Constant Static Property, class org.axgl.input.AxKey
assemble(mode:String, source:String, verbose:Boolean) — method, class com.adobe.utils.AGALMiniAssembler
aVelocity — Property, class org.axgl.particle.AxParticleEffect
The minimum and maximum angular velocity.
Ax — class, package org.axgl
The general game class that your base class should extends.
Ax(initialState:Class, width:uint, height:uint, zoom:uint, framerate:uint, fixedTimestep:Boolean) — Constructor, class org.axgl.Ax
Creates the game engine.
AxAlphaSpriteEffect — class, package org.axgl.effect.sprite
AxAlphaSpriteEffect(duration:Number, callback:Function, targetAlpha:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.effect.sprite.AxAlphaSpriteEffect
AxAnimation — class, package org.axgl.util
A class representing a sprite's animation.
AxAnimation(name:String, frames:Array, framerate:uint, looped:Boolean, callback:Function) — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.AxAnimation
Creates a new animation.
AxBlendMode — class, package org.axgl.render
A class describing a blend mode by declaring both the source and destination modes.
AxBlendMode(source:String, destination:String) — Constructor, class org.axgl.render.AxBlendMode
Creates a new AxBlendMode with the two blend factors passed.
AxButton — class, package org.axgl
A simple button class.
AxButton(x:Number, y:Number, graphic:Class, frameWidth:uint, frameHeight:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxButton
Creates a new button at the position you supply.
AxCache — class, package org.axgl.util
AxCamera — class, package org.axgl.camera
The basic camera that determines what is visible on the screen.
AxCamera() — Constructor, class org.axgl.camera.AxCamera
Creates a new camera.
AxCameraEffect — class, package org.axgl.camera.effect
A class containing the common logic between camera effects.
AxCameraEffect() — Constructor, class org.axgl.camera.effect.AxCameraEffect
AxCameraFadeEffect — class, package org.axgl.camera.effect
A camera fade effect.
AxCameraFadeEffect() — Constructor, class org.axgl.camera.effect.AxCameraFadeEffect
AxCameraShakeEffect — class, package org.axgl.camera.effect
A general shake effect, to the shake the entire screen for some duration.
AxCameraShakeEffect() — Constructor, class org.axgl.camera.effect.AxCameraShakeEffect
AxCharacter — class, package org.axgl.text
A class representing the needed variables for each character in an AxFont, including the size of the character, and the location of the character in the texture.
AxCharacter(width:uint, height:uint, uv:org.axgl:AxRect) — Constructor, class org.axgl.text.AxCharacter
Creates a new character with the passed width, height, and texture coordinates.
AxCloud — class, package org.axgl
AxCloud is a group that allows you to draw many sprites that use the same texture efficiently.
AxCloud(x:Number, y:Number, capacity:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxCloud
Creates a new AxCloud.
AxCollider — class, package org.axgl.collision
An exponential implemention of a collision group.
AxCollider() — Constructor, class org.axgl.collision.AxCollider
Constructs a new AxCollider collision group.
AxCollisionGroup — class, package org.axgl.collision
A collision group that defines how two AxEntities should collide.
AxCollisionGroup() — Constructor, class org.axgl.collision.AxCollisionGroup
Sets up the basic variables used for the collision group upon instantiation.
AxColor — class, package org.axgl.render
A class describing the red, green, blue, and alpha components of a color.
AxColor(red:Number, green:Number, blue:Number, alpha:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.render.AxColor
Creates a new color with the given components, defaults to completely opaque white.
AxDebugBottomLeftLayout — class, package org.axgl.util.debug
AxDebugBottomLeftLayout() — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.debug.AxDebugBottomLeftLayout
AxDebugConsole — class, package org.axgl.util.debug
A debug console that contains all the log messages on screen.
AxDebugConsole() — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.debug.AxDebugConsole
AxDebugFullScreenLayout — class, package org.axgl.util.debug
AxDebugFullScreenLayout() — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.debug.AxDebugFullScreenLayout
AxDebugger — class, package org.axgl.util.debug
AxDebugger() — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.debug.AxDebugger
AxDebugLayout — class, package org.axgl.util.debug
Base class for debug layouts.
AxDebugLeftSideLayout — class, package org.axgl.util.debug
AxDebugLeftSideLayout() — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.debug.AxDebugLeftSideLayout
AxEntity — class, package org.axgl
A basic game entity.
AxEntity(x:Number, y:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxEntity
Creates a new AxEntity at the position passed.
AxFlashSpriteEffect — class, package org.axgl.effect.sprite
AxFlashSpriteEffect(duration:Number, callback:Function, color:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.effect.sprite.AxFlashSpriteEffect
AxFlickerSpriteEffect — class, package org.axgl.effect.sprite
AxFlickerSpriteEffect(duration:Number, callback:Function, rate:uint, type:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.effect.sprite.AxFlickerSpriteEffect
AxFont — class, package org.axgl.text
A font object representing a font in your game.
AxFont() — Constructor, class org.axgl.text.AxFont
Creates a new AxFont.
AxGrid — class, package org.axgl.collision
A spacial hashing implementation of a collision group.
AxGrid(worldWidth:uint, worldHeight:uint, columns:uint, rows:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.collision.AxGrid
Creates a new grid with the passed arguments.
AxGroup — class, package org.axgl
AxGroup is the basic container object.
AxGroup(x:Number, y:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxGroup
Creates a new empty group object with the specified position and size.
AxInput — class, package org.axgl.input
A generic input class containing general actions used by input devices such as the keyboard and mouse.
AxInput(inputs:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.input.AxInput
Creates a new input object.
AxKey — class, package org.axgl.input
All the constants you can use for checking keyboard events.
AxKeyboard — class, package org.axgl.input
The keyboard object allowing you access to check which keys are being used.
AxKeyboard() — Constructor, class org.axgl.input.AxKeyboard
Creates a new keyboard input object.
AxLogger — class, package org.axgl.util
AxLogger() — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.AxLogger
AxModel — class, package org.axgl
An AxModel is an entity that is expected to be drawn on the scene.
AxModel(x:Number, y:Number, vertexShader:Array, fragmentShader:Array, rowSize:uint, shaderKey:any) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxModel
Creates a new AxModel at the position passed, using the shaders supplied.
AxMouse — class, package org.axgl.input
The mouse object used to test for input, and track the location of the pointer.
AxMouse() — Constructor, class org.axgl.input.AxMouse
Creates a new mouse input object.
AxMouseButton — class, package org.axgl.input
All the constants you can use for checking mouse input.
AxMusic — class, package org.axgl.sound
A special instance of an AxSound, which by default will loop.
AxMusic(sound:Class, volume:Number, loop:Boolean, start:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.sound.AxMusic
Creates a new music object, but does not start playing it.
AxParallaxSprite — class, package org.axgl
AxParallaxSprite(x:Number, y:Number, graphic:any) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxParallaxSprite
AxParticleCloud — class, package org.axgl.particle
A drawable cloud of particles.
AxParticleCloud(effect:org.axgl.particle:AxParticleEffect) — Constructor, class org.axgl.particle.AxParticleCloud
Creates a new particle cloud using a particle effect.
AxParticleEffect — class, package org.axgl.particle
A class representing a particle effect.
AxParticleEffect(name:String, resource:Class, max:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.particle.AxParticleEffect
AxParticleSystem — class, package org.axgl.particle
A generic particle system to keep track of your particle effects, and allow you to create your effects from anywhere within the game.
AxPath — class, package org.axgl.tilemap
A class to represent a path through a tilemap.
AxPath() — Constructor, class org.axgl.tilemap.AxPath
Creates a new empty path.
AxPauseState — class, package org.axgl.util
The default pause state.
AxPoint — class, package org.axgl
Stores the x and y values of a 2 dimensional point as numbers.
AxPoint(x:Number, y:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxPoint
Creates a new AxPoint with the passed values.
AxProfiler — class, package org.axgl.util
A utility class to allow you to quickly profile some code to see how long it takes to run.
AxQuad — class, package org.axgl.render
Describes the properties of an axis-aligned quad used for drawing a sprite.
AxQuad(width:Number, height:Number, uvWidth:Number, uvHeight:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.render.AxQuad
Creates a new quad.
AxRange — class, package org.axgl.util
A utility class to represent a range between two numbers.
AxRange(min:Number, max:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.AxRange
Creates a new range with the given minimum and maximum values.
AxRect — class, package org.axgl
Stores the x and y values, along with the width and height, of a rectangle object.
AxRect(x:Number, y:Number, width:Number, height:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxRect
Creates a new rectangle with the passed x, y, width, and height.
AxResource — class, package org.axgl.resource
Resources used internally within the Axel library.
AxScaleSpriteEffect — class, package org.axgl.effect.sprite
AxScaleSpriteEffect(duration:Number, callback:Function, targetXScale:Number, targetYScale:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.effect.sprite.AxScaleSpriteEffect
AxShader — class, package org.axgl.render
A descriptor holding the information required for rendering, including the vertex shader, the fragment shader, and the size of each row in the vertex buffer.
AxShader(vertexShader:Array, fragmentShader:Array, rowSize:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.render.AxShader
Creates a new AxShader containing the shaders and buffer row size.
AxSound — class, package org.axgl.sound
A sound object.
AxSound(sound:Class, volume:Number, loop:Boolean, start:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.sound.AxSound
Creates a new sound object, but does not start playing the sound.
AxSprite — class, package org.axgl
An AxSprite is the entity that makes up most game objects.
AxSprite(x:Number, y:Number, graphic:Class, frameWidth:uint, frameHeight:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxSprite
Creates a new sprite at the given position.
AxSpriteEffect — class, package org.axgl.effect.sprite
A general class for holding common logic between sprite effects.
AxSpriteEffect(duration:Number, callback:Function) — Constructor, class org.axgl.effect.sprite.AxSpriteEffect
AxState — class, package org.axgl
A class representing a game state.
AxState() — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxState
State constructor.
AxText — class, package org.axgl.text
Creates text for display on the screen using the given AxFont.
AxText(x:Number, y:Number, font:org.axgl.text:AxFont, text:String, width:uint, align:String) — Constructor, class org.axgl.text.AxText
Creates a new text at the given position, using the given font.
AxTextLimitStrategy — class, package org.axgl.text
A structure containing information for how to limit the number of lines in an AxText.
AxTextLimitStrategy(limit:uint, keepType:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.text.AxTextLimitStrategy
AxTextLine — class, package org.axgl.text
A class representing a line of text.
AxTextLine(text:String, width:int) — Constructor, class org.axgl.text.AxTextLine
Creates a new line of text with the given contents and width.
AxTexture — class, package org.axgl.render
A descriptor holding the required information for a texture uploaded to the GPU.
AxTexture(texture:flash.display3D.textures:Texture, width:uint, height:uint, rawWidth:uint, rawHeight:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.render.AxTexture
Creates a new AxTexture holding the information required for calculating and drawing the texture.
AxTile — class, package org.axgl.tilemap
A class describing a single tile in a tilemap.
AxTile(map:org.axgl.tilemap:AxTilemap, index:uint, width:uint, height:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.tilemap.AxTile
Creates a new AxTile.
AxTilemap — class, package org.axgl.tilemap
A tilemap class representing a set of tiles.
AxTilemap(x:Number, y:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.tilemap.AxTilemap
Creates a new tilemap at the location specified.
AxTilemapSegment — class, package org.axgl.tilemap
A structure that holds information about a single segment within an AxTilemap.
AxTilemapSegment(tilemap:org.axgl.tilemap:AxTilemap, width:uint, height:uint) — Constructor, class org.axgl.tilemap.AxTilemapSegment
AxTimer — class, package org.axgl.util
Timers are repeatable functions that can be bound to any AxEntity.
AxTimer(delay:Number, callback:Function, repeat:uint, start:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.util.AxTimer
Creates a new AxTimer.
AxTouchEvent — class, package org.axgl.input
AxTouchEvent(id:int) — Constructor, class org.axgl.input.AxTouchEvent
AxU — class, package org.axgl
The Ax Utility class, containing various utility functions to make your life easier.
AxVector — class, package org.axgl
A generic vector class consisting of an "x" component, "y" component, and "a" component.
AxVector(x:Number, y:Number, a:Number) — Constructor, class org.axgl.AxVector
Creates a new vector with the passed values.
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