• Extremely clean, understandable, and easy to use game API
  • Hardware accelerated graphics built on Stage3D
  • Logical state management system
  • Powerful and performant particle system
  • Sound, input, drawing, and basic physics all handled for you
  • Easy to export to iOS and Android using Adobe Air
You can download the Axel by visiting the download page here. You can also browse the source by clicking here.

You can also check out the beta version of Axel on GitHub also. The beta version isn't guaranteed to be stable, and you may come across some bugs. If you do, please report them either on GitHub or the Axel Forums. You can find the latest features being developed in beta on the forums.
If you're looking to get started, the best place to start is to check out the tutorials page. You'll find very basic tutorials such as setting up your work environment and getting a "Hello World" application running, to creating platformers and space shooters. These are also a good read if you're just looking into whether or not Axel is right for you. Each tutorial has the full source code of the project downloadable for you to play around with and extend!

You can also check out the user tutorials section of the forums to read tutorials that other Axel users have written. Or, if you're feeling generous, feel free to write your own! Learning is always more fun together.
Check out the documentation page for the complete Axel documentation. This documentation is all auto generated from the comments in the source code. Because of this, if you're ever needing to learn about a class, simply open up the class in your favorite IDE and check out the comments. Using an IDE such as Flash Builder is ideal to view these docs in code suggestion popups as you're coding.
Chat and Forums
Need some extra help? Want to show off the latest Axel project you're working on? Just want to chat and hang out with other users? Be sure to stop by the chat and the forums!
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Other Libraries
There are quite a few flash game libraries out there if you find Axel isn't for you. Axel was largely inspired by Flixel, which is a bitmap based library with a very similar API. FlashPunk is another library that is quite similar. If you're looking for something with less game implementation, with more of a focus on rendering, check out ND2D.